I find that my own journey has taken me to areas that I had never considered when I was married.  I published a book, several guides, did a website, became a speaker/coach and have a monthly newsletter.

One of the most fun things I’ve done is form the group “The Chick’s Night Out” for women that have lost a love one and are struggling to enjoy life again.  Please read the “The Chick’s Night Out” page for more information on this group.

  • I’m a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and provide the Grief Recovery Program – one on one and in groups.
  • I also teach the “Law of Attraction” to groups and organizations.
  • The Early Intervention Field Traumatologist is for working onsite with trauma victims.

For more information on what I do please check out my information page “Coaching and Workshops”.

Please email me using my Contact Form to check for available dates.